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Our treatment center is here to help you overcome all the challenges of addiction. We provide effective heroin and opioid outpatient drug rehab in the Nags Head area, with services such as methadone treatment and therapy. Find the right course of treatment from professionals who truly care.

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Change Your Life

Don’t feel alone on your journey to overcome addiction. Our Nags Head area  rehab center is designed to help empower clients in solidarity with other survivors. Read other success stories and don’t be afraid to reach out.

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“Because of this place, I got my life back; I’m beyond thankful that such a place exists and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone that is looking to break free from addiction.”

Aurora Health Patient

Rocky Mt

“The staff is very committed to helping you achieve and keep your sobriety. Deciding to go there has been one of the best things I’ve ever done. Even with some slips along the way, the staff has always been there to help me out.”

Aurora Health Patient


“If you want the help and less drama on the streets and want your life back, this place is where to go. Don’t judge till you walk that walk!”

Aurora Health Patient


Are you ready to get the real you back?

While addiction is a tough battle to fight, it’s not impossible. At our Nags Head rehab center, we provide leading heroin and opioid outpatient drug rehab options, connecting clients with methadone for withdrawal and therapy for the long-term. Trust our team to help you restore order in your life. Visit or contact our Nags Head rehab center today.